i wanna love like johnny and june…

Every girl has a “type” –  when most of us look back on our relationships we notice something strange. It can be just a little unnerving, slightly unsettling, but not in an alarming way. Its as simple as this: we date the same guy. Over and over. No, I’m not generalizing the entire world of dating women, but we all know it’s true. Ask yourself: what’s your type?

I most defnitely have a type. It’s not even a question. For me, there are no general similarities among the people that I have dated. Oh, no. I have dated the same exact person. Literally. For instance – Every significant relationship I have been in has revolved around cars – at least partially. All the guys have been mechanics. All the women have been self proclaimed automobile gurus. Many a first date has been spent leaning under the hood of a car admiring a recetly rebuilt engine, smiling and nodding at the “great deal” so and so got on “this beauty”, and yes, even test driving cars on lots. Sure, I like cars. But not nearly as much as all of these people probably thought.

My next major requirement? Musicians. I can’t get enough of ’em. They’re like pedigree dogs – the more instruments, the better, the bigger the obsession, the better. And writing me songs? Make me melt. Every single sig-o of mine has been a musician of sorts. There was the amateur guitar player, the drummer, the guitar player and drummer, the bass player, the singer, the singer and guitar player… the list goes on. There is something immediately attractive about someone who commands a musical instrument, performs with confidence, or opens their soul to the power of music. I love it when someone is overtaken by the emotion of their music and loses themself in the art.

Tonight I caught the ending of “Walk the Line” – the Johnny Cash movie – on television. It reminded me how much I love musicians. When I imagine myself in the perfect relationship, I imagine it sort of like this – passionate and-music filled. I could do with a little less of the cheating, dysfunction, and drugs, but still, similar. I want to lose track of time writing and playing music. I want to spend rainy afternoons making home recordings and learning to play the piano together. I want trips to the recording studio for anniversaries. Mostly, I want someone who values music as much as I do, doesn’t mind becoming lost in the art of creating, and who can see that the the act of joint creation is more important than the product, more important than any differences in taste or opinion. I want a love like Johnny and June.


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