2 Back and Life is Different …

This week will mark two months since I have returned from my escapades in the tropics. Aside from dealing with the general insanity of the entire trip (from the weather being comparable to that of hell to the surprising lack of edibility of almost all of the food I encountered), one of my biggest fears was that my life, upon returning to the United States would be unrecognizable.

As many of you know, I left my ‘normal’ life for the Dominican Republic in the midst of a lot of giant transitions, in fact, I stepped onto my international flight the very weekend I was scheduled to get married. (If you had asked me a year before this if I would have been leaving for an arts-intervention trip to the DR and newly single, I would have laughed in your face – sure i would be leaving the country, but totally on my honeymoon! …so much for that.) Now, back in the United States and standing on the other side of my 3-month experience, I can safely say that I wouldn’t trade it for the world – not even for what may or may not have been wedded bliss.

Admittedly, my life is a little unrecognizable from this end of things, but in a lot of great and exciting ways. I am still working through my Master’s degree at Eastern University (with a research trip to South Africa planned for this August!). I have ventured (cautiously) into the dating world once again and have found new levels of love and inspiration for both my art and my music. More unexpectedly, I have officially become a member of the corporate working world – this may not seem like a positive thing to all of my readers, but it sure is a good way to fund both my education and my artistic ventures, even if I have to temporarily sell my soul.

(I’m kidding, really. My new job has been great, and the stories of my adjusting to it alone should prove for some great blogs – in fact, I’m blogging on my lunch break now…)

I had a lot of really great readers when I was writing in the DR (I was even stopped by someone I don’t even know while visiting my hometown when I got back … crazy!) and I had originally considered waiting until my next trip to blog again, and then I thought, “What the heck? I’m HILARIOUS. People LOVE me. And who WOULDN’T want to read about my life everyday?!”

For those of you still reading, and for the many of you that won’t be able to help yourselves, congratulations for encouraging THAT.


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